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Improper Construction Damage & Construction Mock-Ups

We Build Mock-Ups of Construction Defects for Trials

Jurors don't read blueprints! Often during presentation at trial, your expert will make an analysis of a structural or building envelope issue which can, at times, be very detailed. So detailed, in fact, that your jurors can become less attentive, distracted and pay less than the required amount of attention to the problem at hand. That’s where we come in.

Visual Consulting builds replicas or “mock-ups” of building systems including wall systems, roof coverings, wall coverings and virtually anything else as it relates to construction. We can also perform on-site measuring and build replicas of incorrect or improper construction exactly as it exists on site for comparison to what was designed.

Now, your expert witness has a useful tool in the courtroom to easily explain what he needs to an attentive jury. Now your expert witness has a layered stucco wall covering showing every element of a system, how it’s installed and what should be underneath it. Now your expert has a wall as it was designed right next to an incorrect wall as it was built for quick, easy, side-by-side comparison. More importantly, now your jury has a simple example where they can easily identify what your expert is talking about. Now that’s Visual.

Improper Construction Damage & Construction Mock-Ups

Documentation is useful in litigation and insurance claims, Visual Consulting carefully documents the entire process of destructive testing and forensic investigation to uncover the full extent of the construction damage caused by improper construction methods. This information, along with the mock-ups we construct of the situation will provide clearer evidence of neglect or shoddy workmanship and inferior materials used.

Visual Consulting can make mock-ups for quality control, employee training and for testing wall & fenestration systems. We also offer water testing to ensure a secure building envelope.

Construction of as-built mockups to exact dimensions.

Construction of wall and opening mockups showing construction as designed.

Construction of mock-ups showing proper sheathing nailing patterns.

Fabrication materials for a cut-away mock-up showing stucco system for exhibit