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Visual Consulting Property Assessment

Visual Property Assessments are made throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, in the Low Country of South Carolina and from the Coastal Carolinas, to the coastal resort areas of Texas.

  • Preconstruction Building Site Assessment

    A Visual Consulting, LLC professional will examine the project; review any previous independent inspection reports, engineering findings, architectural drawings and specifications and all associated documentation.

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  • Destructive Testing Measuring & Evaluating

    The purpose of invasive or destructive testing is to determine the existence, extent and source of obstructed or hidden structural damage. In some circumstances, improper or inferior installation and application techniques may be determined as the primary source of structural failure.

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    Mock-Up Presentations

    Documentation is useful in litigation and insurance claims. Visual Consulting documents destructive testing; builds replicas or “mock-ups” of building systems including wall systems, roof coverings, wall coverings and virtually anything else as it relates to construction.

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    Construction Remediation Plan Development

    Getting from conflict to closure requires a comprehensive strategy. Getting from closure to completion requires a detailed action plan. Visual Consulting, LLC will help you evaluate the “best value” options and solutions for your project needs, with the goal of serving your long-term value and quality priorities.

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